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You are ready to take your health and wellbeing to the next level.
You know that taking care of yourself leads to better relationships, longevity, and community.
You are ready to be a part of a greater health conscious community.
You want actionable resources to help you reduce the stress of your busy everyday life.
You are looking for a space to reconnect with YOU.
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Members get special pricing!
As a member you get 10% off all purchases at Naturmend online AND 10% off all services at Naturmend - both in person and virtual. This perk alone pays for the membership if you use it right! In addition to that, you get special pricing on all of our amazing advanced courses and events as they are released.
Library of health resources
You get instant access to our library of health resources. All things meditation, nutrition and more. This includes a variety of guided meditations, education on health topics like hormonal health, nutrition guidance, coping with stress, and more. New content is added every single month, so you will never run out of new things to learn!
Live events, webinars and workshops
So much to learn; such little time! Our events & workshops cover a wide range of topics and are structured to fit your schedule. Whether you want to join us live or catch up on your own time, the options are ready for you.
Challenges to keep you on track
Every quarter, the entire community is invited to participate in a health-related challenge. The challenges will be designed to keep you committed and inspired while incorporating habits that will bring the focus back to YOU; improving your physical, mental or spiritual health.
Access to our exclusive online community
One of the reasons we created this membership was to cultivate community. One that is inclusive, loving, and kind. With your membership you get access to our facebook community, where you have access to our health experts, can view live events, and can show up as yourself in this safe and amazing environment.
2 weeks free 
Hi, I'm Meaghan
I am living this life as a naturopathic doctor, meditation teacher and creative entrepreneur.

My path has been winding its way to where I am today. Nature, the healing power of foods, herbal medicines and mindfulness practices have shaped how I show up. And, no surprise have shaped what we decided to put in this membership.

Creative ideas seem to flow often for me making it so helpful and profound to work closely with Jen (the realist) to ground them to the earth and make them a reality.

I so look forward to connecting more with you inside.

Hi, I'm Jen
On paper, I'm certified in holistic nutrition, plant-based cooking and on my way to becoming a herbalist.

Outside of that, I am a multi-passionate soul who is a true gemini at heart. I bounce back and forth between creativity & structure, though I truly thrive in a world of organization and a well-constructed plan. I suppose you could say I am the left-brain in our Naturmend Network team!

I believe that three key components of wellness are community, laughter, and an open mind.

I can't wait to get to know you inside the network.

What we are about
Naturmend is an integrative clinic and store established in 2012 in Calgary, Alberta. Expanding into the online world seemed a natural next step given the radical events that shifted the wellness landscape in 2020.

In the Naturmend Network, we are creating a safe space for those who are looking to connect with themselves, cultivate community, and work to make positive change in the world.

We practice what we preach and are committed to expanding into the best versions of ourselves – the most loving, compassionate and growth-centered humans we can be.

The end goal? A global reach of individuals who have come together to become more self-compassionate and loving humans. Humans who are ready to bring change into the world, starting from within.

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What's inside?
Your membership connects you to our portal where you have access to our core teachings. We are passionate about helping you gain a health advantage through the workshops, videos, courses and other resources found inside.  We will give you the tools to bring into your own life for healing with foods, herbs and the earth and supporting your soul journey.
Nourish the Soul
Mediations, mindfulness practices, and courses to get you started on creating inner peace. Inner peace which leads to outer peace :) 
Nourish the Body
Nutrition and food love is where it's at. Let us help you incorporate healthy eating and some tips and tricks for getting healing foods into your life.
What our members have to say... 
"It’s a great program, the benefits outweigh the cost, and I’ve attained considerable knowledge from the information and classes provided. I highly recommend it." 
Cathy B.
CMO - Fou's Shoes
"I have found calm and happiness in life again and I am more present in situations and now feel like I welcome all aspects of life again (good or bad)."
(meditation challenge participant)
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